Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Democracy And The Left

I think for a lot of people, particularly those on the liberal left side of the political divide, Democracy is something they prefer the idea of to the reality. It makes them look cool and liberal to champion democracy (particularly when it is being fought for abroad, most especially against undemocratic governments that are backed by the West), but they don’t seem so keen on it when it’s closer to home.


Before 1972 Britain had a democracy that was envied and copied around the world. In that year Prime Minister Ted Heath took us into what was then the EEC, something which he promised the British public was just about economic and not political union. Long before he publicly admitted that he had lied about that, it had become obvious that political union was very much on the agenda and power was gradually and irreversibly being devolved away from our democratically elected government to a group of unelected and largely unaccountable officials in Brussels. Fast forward to 2016 and we have a referendum on our membership of the EU, and the supposedly democracy-loving Left are leading the call for the UK to remain in the EU, rather than taking back control of its own affairs and borders. Even more hilariously, when the result of the referendum went against them, many called for it to be ignored, citing that fact that the Leave campaigners told lies as a reason for annulling the result. If the fact that one party lied was a reason for annulling an election result, we would never have joined the EEC/EU in the first places, and I’m guessing a lot of General Election results would be declared null and void too!


Personally I’m not particularly fussed when we stay in or leave the EU, I can see up and down sides to both options. I do however think that if we end up remaining we should just drop the pretence of democracy. Think of the money we’d save if we didn’t have to pay the wages and expenses for 650 MPs and have elections every 4 years. We could just add rubber-stamping EU legislation to the Queen’s list of duties and turn the Houses of Parliament into a museum. I think it’s the most beautiful building in London and it would be fantastic for the public to be able to access it fully.


The hypocrisy of the Left in this matter shouldn’t come as a great surprise though. These are the same people who are quick to condemn (and call for the censorship of, while at the same time claiming to champion free speech) of anything they deem sexist or homophobic. However they are also the first to defend Islam (a religion which sanctifies patriarchy and homophobia) and assure us that those who commit terrorist acts in the name of Allah do not represent the views of ‘real’ Muslims, they’ve even invented a word (Islamist) to separate ‘bad’ and ‘good’ Muslims, so terrified are they of being portrayed as racist (a word which carries the same stigma as ‘paedophile’ in today’s PC society) should they be seen to be criticising Islam. It’s no wonder European and American politics have shifted so much to the right in recent years. Weakness and cowardice are probably the 2 least desirable qualities that people wish to see in their leaders. I think what has happened has been less a move towards the Right, more a recoiling in disgust from the Left!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Evolution vs Adaptation

Too many people confuse ‘adaptation’ with ‘evolution’. Humans frequently have to adapt to changing conditions in short amounts of time, for example when they move from one country to another with a different culture. That does not mean they have evolved though, they are still the same person. Evolution is something that happens over millions of years, for example it took us millions of years to evolve from forest-dwelling primates to plains dwelling hunter-gatherers.

However the few tens of thousands of years that have elapsed since the Stone Age are nothing in evolutionary terms. As far as physiology and cognitive functions go, we are still the same Homo Sapiens who used to live in caves and hunt woolly mammoths back in the Ice Age.  Life was precarious back then, we didn’t have the benefit of modern technology to protect us from Nature. Man lived in small communities where the males went out to hunt while the females stayed behind and looked after the young. Everyone knew each other by sight (which had taken over from smell as the sense we relied on most), strangers who didn’t ‘look right’ were regarded as enemies and driven away or killed. Infant mortality would have been sky high so any adult who couldn’t or didn’t want to (because for example they were attracted to members of the same sex) breed would have been regarded as harmful to the community. In other words, behaviours that we now call xenophobia, patriarchy and homophobia are hard-wired into us because at the time we evolved into the creatures we are today they were what were needed for the survival of the species. Obviously now that so many of us live in large multi-racial communities called cities in a modern world of sexual equality, we have had to adapt to the changing conditions. But natural instincts, when they are suppressed for the sake of adaptation, have a nasty habit of manifesting themselves in unpleasant ways. See for example the Catholic clergy who have to suppress their natural sex drives to adapt to live in the priesthood. Those looking for a cure for modern ills like racism, sexism and homophobia will find one – in a few million years’ time when those behaviours have evolved out of our nature!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Check Your Privileges?

Anyone else noticed how ‘privilege’ has become a dirty word these days among the liberally/left wing inclined? The implication from numerous posts I’ve seen on social media being that if you come from a ‘privileged’ background you have no right to complain about anything and should basically walk around with a big grin plastered over your face!

I just see this as yet another example of the Christian meme [Meme Theory] attempting to survive in a modern scientific world that has made belief in much of the Bible’s contents impossible for many, specifically the part of the Christian myth that deals with original sin.

The Biblical Christian goes around burdened with guilt from the ‘sin’ of Adam and Eve – the fact that Christianity considers the act of acquiring knowledge and the ability to think for yourself a ‘sin’ should make it clear that it is just a cult of stupidity and ignorance but that’s another story. The ‘New Age Christian’, the predominantly middle class socialist/liberal meanwhile goes around burdened with the guilt of their ‘privileged’ upbringing and the ‘sins’ of their ancestors - colonialism and the slave trade.  What I find especially tragic is the lack of self-awareness of the second type. Generally they will consider themselves emancipated from Christian dogma and above such backward superstitions. Some may even have “no gods, no masters” patches sewn onto their intentionally torn and dirty crusty clothes – the modern day equivalent of the old style Christians’ sack cloth and ashes!

If you do come from a privileged background I say embrace it, be proud of it and make the most of your opportunities. There is a whole world of pleasure out there to be experienced and you only get one shot at it!  Being broke sucks, there are only 2 kinds of people who glorify poverty. The aforementioned guilt-ridden ‘privileged’ classes who’ve never experienced it and lower order humans who, knowing they can never rise out of the gutter and seething with resentment against their betters, use whatever tactics they can to (in their minds) bring the higher man down to their base level.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Boycotting Bands? Bollocks!

There are usually only 2 things that will make my boycott a band. Either I think their music sucks, or I have serious personal beef with one or more of the members. And it would have to be SERIOUS for me to deprive myself of the pleasure of listening to good music! I would never boycott a band just because they had an ideology I disagreed with, especially as with most of the music I listen to, the lyrics are completely indecipherable. I do however listen to a few punk and traditional metal bands whose lyrics express sentiments I totally disagree with and it doesn’t stop me enjoying their music. If I got rid of all the records I have by bands whose ideologies (whether privately held or expressed in their lyrics) I disagreed with, my collection would be a fraction of its size!

There is a certain, rather vocal, faction in the metal scene who are all for boycotting any band who have even the most tenuous link to any fascist or Nazi ideologies. Whenever its suggested to them that their “no platform for fascists” stance might be a bit fascist itself, they tend to counter with the argument that if the fascists came to power they would repress all opposition, so they are protecting everyone’s right to free speech by removing said right from the Nazis. This argument seems to me to fall down though when you consider that there are plenty of other ideologies that have proved just as hostile to freedom of speech as Nazism. The Communists in Russia, China and Cambodia for example, set about silencing their enemies every bit as enthusiastically as Hitler. Even now, people are being killed daily in Muslim countries for speaking out against Sharia Law. The Christian Inquisition may be a thing of the past but lets not be under any illusions that a GENUINE Christian theocrat would be any more tolerant of opposing views than Hitler, Stalin or the Ayatollah.

Despite all this you almost never hear anyone in the Metal scene saying “no platform for Christians, Communists or Muslims – in fact you’re much more likely to hear those who do denounce those ideologies being condemned as fascists. This says to me that a lot of so called anti fascists are actually more motivated by self loathing (post colonial guilt?) than a genuine desire to see an end to bigotry, homophobia etc. Anyone with a genuine interest in preserving freedom of expression for all would be ready to condemn bigotry, censorship, patriarchy, homophobia etc WHEREVER it rears it’s head, not just when its being perpetrated by those who are right (wing) and white!

Satanic Poseurs

There seems to be a common misinterpretation that Anton LaVey made “rules that Satanists” have to follow. Certain self-styled “Satanists” in the metal community see a contradiction between these “rules” and the “be whatever you want to be” individuality of Satanism. This is ridiculous, if being a Satanist meant you could be whatever you want, do whatever you want etc, that would render the word “Satanist” completely meaningless. This in fact is what it was before Anton LaVey came on the scene, just an insulting term that Protestants and Catholics used to throw at each other, and Christians of all denominations used to throw at the Jews. What LaVey did was attach a meaning to the word Satanism, he recognised a current of heretical thought in the writings of such men as Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Redbeard, Jack London etc and labelled it Satanic. The 9 Statements, Eleven Rules and Satanic Sins contain the bare bones of the definition of what a Satanist is, a definition he fleshed out in the Satanic Bible and his other writings. If you see your own personality reflected back at you in those writings, you are a Satanist. If not, no big deal. What I find hard to understand is why so many people seem desperate to attach this label “Satanist” to themselves when they plainly don’t fit the definition. Do they view themselves as so dull they need that label to make them look interesting?

I am equally puzzled by the so called “theistic Satanism” prevalent in the metal scene. Let’s get one thing straight, the Holy Bible (HB) is the rule book of Christianity. If you take the HB to be a book of truth, ie if you believe in the literal existence of god and the devil, heaven and hell, and an immortal soul that is judged against the HB’s standards of good and evil, then you are a Christian. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to worship god and try to be “good” in the hope your soul will go to heaven, or if you worship the devil and try to be “evil” in the hope you’ll go to hell. The difference between the two is like the difference between two people playing the same Star Wars video game that allows you to play as either Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. The game is the same, and in this case the name of the game is Christianity.

Theistic Idiocy

One of the criticisms I see frequently levelled at militant atheists is that no one can prove that there are no gods or goddesses and so the belief that there is no god is not grounded in hard evidence any more than the belief that there IS a god. If spiritual religions were merely centred around a belief in a creator figure (god, goddess or multiple combinations of the two) then that criticism would have some validity I think. However religions are based, not just on the belief in a creator figure’s existence, but also in the belief that that creator figure worries about what we individual humans do with our lives and controls our destinies. And that, to put it bluntly, is fucking absurd.

Just a basic knowledge of astronomy should make it obvious that any creature or creatures old enough and powerful enough to have created the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is not going to give a shit what we do with our genitals, what foods we eat or what we carry around or do on certain days of the week. We are talking about a universe who’s age is reckon in BILLIONS of years, and just thinking about the distances between stars makes my head spin! Consider that the speed of light is around 671 million miles an hour yet it takes light from the nearest star to us (Proxima Centauri) over four YEARS to reach us! Even if someone became World Dictator and initiated a nuclear war that lead to the total destruction of Planet Earth, on a cosmic scale it would be an event of such trivial significance that it wouldn’t even register on some universal creator’s radar, yet the majority of this planet’s population live their lives enslaved to man-made moral codes which they’ve been conned into believing are the dictates of the creator of the universe!

I think it is our very insignificance of the cosmic scale that has led to these beliefs surviving into the modern age. They provide a psychological comfort blanket in the face of the knowledge that in fact we are one of several billion microbes scurrying around for a mere speck of time (compared to the age of the planet) on an utterly insignificant ball of rock that orbits one of a near infinite number of yellow dwarf stars. Of course the same holds true with the belief in the immortal soul and the afterlife, which protects the theist from confronting the notions that once he is dead he is gone and that if he wants to be remembered after his death he has to leave something of worth behind, and that no one gives a shit what he does with his life except the people he comes into direct contact with or can influence.

I just find it hard to respect such backwards thinking though. Replacing a gap in ones knowledge with mystical mumbo jumbo is the act of the primitive mind. The advanced mind, the Isaac Newtons and Benjamin Franklins of this world, saw natural phenomena they didn’t  understand and said to themselves “its about time to figure that out” and they set about conducting experiments to try and work out what was causing it. And if they couldn’t  figure it out they put a question mark there – “we can’t work it out now but one day we will”. The primitive tribesman on the other hands sees a volcano erupting, doesn’t know what causes it and concludes “um fire god be angry” then gets down on his knees to pray and appease said fire god or pays the tribe ju ju man to do it for him. That’s it, case closed, no need for further investigation or experiment. Now, we understand much about the working of the human mind, we can measure brain activity, we know it is the result of chemical changes and electrical impulses etc and we can measure when that activity stops and the human being stops being alive and turns into a piece of decaying meat. But we don’t fully understand how that activity translates into what we call consciousness. But that is no reason to fill that gap in our knowledge with rubbish likes “souls” “spirits” or “reincarnation”. That puts  the religionist alongside the aforementioned tribesman, quivering on his knees trying to appease the mountain god! Fuck that, I’d rather stand alongside the Isaac Newtons and Benjamin Franklins! I am happy to respect someone’s opinion, even if I don’t agree with it, if they can put forward a reasoned and logical argument in favour of it. But beliefs based on insecurity, ignorance and backwards thinking? No, sorry, as far as I am concerned they are worthy only of mockery and derision.

Population Control

I’m sick and tired of hearing about how Britain’s population is rising faster than any other European countries, what measures the government is going to have to take to cope with the increasing population, how 24 hours a day running water might not be feasible in the South East in a few years’ time etc etc. If a doctor tells you that you’re going to have a heart attack within 10 years if you don’t change your lifestyle, you don’t start planning which hospital you’re going to go to when you have your heart attack do you? You take steps to AVOID having a heart attack! By the same token we should be taking steps to halt and reverse the population rise because this country (and London in particular) is grossly overcrowded compared to every other city I’ve been in.
Any politician serious about making life better for the British people (and that SHOULD be every politician’s main aim surely!) would put population control at the top of their agenda, the fact that no party seems to even mention it is one of the main reasons I don’t vote. And before anyone says it, there’s no need for a cull or any drastic measures like that, not that there’s any lack of suitable cullees but let’s not go down that road ;) People are being born and dying constantly, slow the birth rate down so it’s less than the death rate and the population will start to reduce immediately. 2 simple measures that could be put in place to do this are stopping financial encouragements to breed (extra benefits, family credits, council housing when you have a child you can’t afford etc) and stopping immigration. Of course to accomplish either we would have to free ourselves from the shackles of the EU first, but it’s a moot point anyway. No politician would have the balls to propose such measures, because they know the gutless bleeding heart public and their opinion makers in the self-hating liberal media would just condemn them as “fascists”. In other words, we’re fucked.